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Welcome to Managed WordPress Cloud

The easiest way to run a WordPress site, without worrying about any of the infrastructure, security, or maintenance.

Why Managed WordPress Cloud?

MWP Cloud was built after comparing the most popular WordPress hosts on the internet… GoDaddy, WPEngine, BlueHost, and more. Our developers weren’t happy with the price to performance ratio from these providers. Most of them don’t even give you dedicated server resources. So we made MWP Cloud.

MWP Cloud is faster than any traditional host you can find on the internet – and we guarantee that! Our development team can clone your existing WordPress site onto MWP Cloud so you can see first-hand what kind of performance you’re missing out on, for what’s most likely cheaper than what you pay today.

View our partner’s comparison test results

What about updates?

Updates, security, and traditional maintenance are a thing of the past. Our WordPress-as-a-Service ensures your site stays online, loads fast, and is available to as many people as necessary. Plugin and theme updates are handled automatically with our “Safe Upgrade” service, which runs a backup, installs updates, and auto-reverts if it encounters any compatibility issues.

And security?

MWP Cloud is a hardened fork of WordPress. That means it patches out the most common vulnerabilities that hackers and bots tend to attack. That’s not even a concern though, because our WAF will prevent most malicious actors from reaching your site in the first place. This front-line security not only boosts performance, but keeps your data protected and users safe.